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Welcome to Dynamic Resources Ltd. We're dedicated to giving you the very best, with a focus on dependability, quality and uniqueness.

Founded in 2020 by Dave Hosie, the Dynamic Resources Ltd brand represents our vision to change with the times & market place.

It’s our goal to change the mindset in recruitment where we discuss the operations & understand the challenges alongside our clients. We want to take some of the workload of vetting on behalf of our clients as part of the service.

The understanding of criticality and competency requirements is at the forefront of our business. Having the operational knowledge to discuss the clients and contractors will enable correct candidate placements and in turn deliver in class service.



Independent advisory services to overcome challenges currently observed or anticipated based on well design constraints.

We offer independent advice assisting operators & well management companies respects to drilling fluids, cementing and associated services. We have a “Quality v Cost” led approach to our services.



Our people have drilling & service partner operational & management backgrounds.

This gives the clients and candidates the confidence that the discussions are taking place the right people an understanding of what’s required to fulfil and sustain the resources needed at any time.

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Check out our current job postings to see if you have the skillset that matches the openings listed by location. We have regular requests from clients for engineers, operators, specialists to fulfill their needs. We cater for short term adhoc contract through to permanent position placements.

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